How to achieve an hourglass figure

DISCLAIMER: First of all, this is for anyone wanting to achieve this type of figure. Do not feel obliged to ever follow a certain fitness trend because everyone else is. Whatever your body type, you’re more than beautiful.

So many people work in the gym for an hourglass figure, you know the large booty and tiny waist look. It’s sorta plasted all over Instagram right now with the likes of the kardashians. Many want to achieve this look without surgery or waist trainers, and it is possible. However, they tend to go the wrong way about it. You’ll see girls work out their glutes and legs doing a million bridges and donkey kicks yet forget the most important part to achieve this figure. UPPER BODY.

Wait what? You heard me. In order to give you the perception of a smaller waist you need to make both your upper and lower body look wider. By also working your upper body and making it more muscular it will help to make your waist look like it goes more inwards. This is because by having a larger lower and upper body section your waist automatically will look smaller giving you a naturally curvy look. Now I know this can seem daunting going into the freeweights section but dont worry, thats what im here for. I decided to help you out by writing up some of my favourite upper, lower and waist exercises to help achieve that hourglass figure.


Your upper body IS THE KEY to an hourglass figure, it helps to define your upper body and almost shrink your waist. Even if you’re not aiming for this figure type please do not forget your upper body, it helps you in everday life with carrying shopping bags and daily tasks. It’s the main element for that strong and sculpted look.

  • I would recommend doing 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps of each exercise.

Tricep pulldowns: This movement helps to engage your triceps and upper back muscles creating the sculpted strong look.

Firstly set the weight to a comfortable setting, always push yourself but not to intense pain. Begin with your elbows pushed into your ribs by your sides, kinda like a right angle.  Holding the rope pull downwards and straighten out your arms, feeling this in your triceps (backs of your arms). Hold for a little second. Go back to the first position and repeat! 

Shoulder press: 

This exercise helps to build those baby shoulders and back muscles to increase your strength. 

Begin with your arms in a right angle position, bending at a right angle. If you can’t hold this your weight is too high, lower them dumbbells a little! Begin to press your arms and dumbbells upwards and straighten above your head, this helps to engage the shoulders. Slowly bring them back down to a right angle and repeat.

Dumbbell row: This movement helps to strength your shoulders, upper back and arms.

Begin laying on a lifted bench with your head facing downwards and feet stable into the floor. Have the dumbbell sidewards out in front of you. Slowly raise your arms lifting the dumbbells up to your sides, pointing the elbows towards your back. Hold and focus on feeling it in your arms and upper back. Release and go back to the original position.


    We’re on to everyone’s favourite, booty, booty and a bit more booty. But wait? Theres only one that isolates the glutes? YOU CANNOT WORK THE GLUTES AND FORGET THE REST OF YOUR LEGS DAMMIT. To have a strong butt its so important to also work the surronding areas, the hamstrings help to lift the bum and make it look much perkier and the quadriceps help to create the curvy strong look. You need to work all areas weather you like it or not.

    • I would recommend doing 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps of each exercise.

    Pointed butt lift: This Pilates based move helps target the glutes, hamstrings and lower back to give you a Brazilian butt lift at home!

    Begin on all fours with your arms in line with your shoulders. Lift one leg up to a right angle bending at the knee. For one rep, lift the foot using a pointed toe towards the sky, squeezing the butt on doing so. Repeat reps on both sides.

    Hamstring curls: HAMSTRINGS ARE THE KEY TO A PERKY BUM. They help to lift and elevate the booty!!!
    Curls can be done on different machines and without. My gym uses a lying down based machine, I will do another post soon based on the different variations!!

    For this machine: lie on your front with the backs of your ankles placed on the foot cushions. Slowly lift up using your hamstrings/glutes ONLY. Don’t lift your head and try and force the weight, if you have to lift from your head/arms lower the weight! Hold the rep at the top and lower back down.

    Glute bridges: when working your entire lower body it’s important to also focus on your quadriceps. By doing bridges your kinda getting a win win on both glutes and quads! This helps to give you that thicker curvy look while making sure you strengthen your whole body!

    Begin lying down on your back with your feet flat on the floor near to your bum and knees bent. Push your hips towards the sky squeezing the glutes when at the highest point. Hold the position and SQUEEZE!! Go back down to laying and repeat.


    These exercises will help to define and shape as well as engage the core and obliques helping to give you that strong and stable core you want. 

    • I would recommend doing 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps of each exercise.

    Hip twists: This simple movement helps to engage the core and strength the front abdominals and obliques while also working thetrcieps, shoulders and thighs due to the plank position. This helps to give you the smaller wasit without the dangers of waist training.

    Begin in a plank position with your shoulders and elbows aligned and your feet on your tip toes. Engage the core and make sure your back is not dipping or that your bum isn’t in the air. Begin twisting from your core and tap one side of your hip on the ground. Return to a plank position and go towards the other side and do the same.

    Side planks with dips: This complex movement helps to strengthen the core and obliques by using your body weight to almost feel like youre sucking your wasit in.

    Go on to your side with your arm aligned with your shoulder holding you up and your feet stacked. Lower your hip down towards the ground and lift back up focusing on feeling it in your waist. Repeat this on both sides!

    Russian twists: This amazing exercise can be used with or without weights to help build your balance while working on your core.

    Sit on your bum, leaning back with your legs crossed off the floor. Use your hands, a weight or even a water bottle and press it towards your side. Bring it back into the middle and repeat on the other side. You should feel this in your core.

      Remeber this is not a full plan but more my favourite exercises for each part! Feel free to use this in your gym routine and let me know how it goes!
      Soon I will be setting up an official team page that will release weekly workout plans, 24/7 support, videos and challenges all for £10 a month. This is going to be insane!
      All the best with training and much love x

      Small print: I am a qualified fitness instructor yet always advise for you to check with a doctor before doing any exercise/activity. Never push yourself to the point of injury and always exercise for fun not because you feel forced. My plans and posts are always for fun and you should not attempt anything you do not feel you can physically do. Always ask a professionals advice before trying.


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        • Aimee Browes says:

          Thankyou so much! I never want to promote an unhealthy body type but love helping people get to their goals naturally! I think it’s so important to help people get into a gym and not just for physical reasons but it also helps massively mentally!xxx

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