My name is Aimee Browes, an 18 year old girl with a huge passion for fitness and mental health awareness.

I have studied Level 3 Sport and Exercise Science as well as my Level 2 Fitness Instructor, leading me on to studying a Psychology degree.

I first got into fitness for all the wrong reasons, I wanted to be thin. This led me to a horrific diet plan and exercising for no less than 2/3 hours a day, causing me to go from 11 stone 3 to 6 stone 2 in a matter of months. This all contributed to my Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Anixety making me feel like id never be good enough.

Over the past year I have turned my life around, I have become a healthy 8 stone 2 and everyday I am achieveing the body I always wanted and the perfect mentality.

I decided to create this blog to help show awareness for mental health issues but also share my incredible journey using Protein World products, Pop Pilates and The Bikini Body Guide.

Much love x

:Social media:

  • Instagram: @aimeebrowes
  • Twitter: @aimeebrowes

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