Training and online coaching

Are you just beginning in fitness or looking for something new to spice up your fitness routine? I now offer both online and gym based training for ridiculously competitive prices. But what different with mine? I want to focus on both your physical and mental improvements throughout the plan.

Gym based training

I train clients at the incredible Iron Athlete Gym, Sheffield just off eccelsall road. I create personal plans tailored to your needs to help you achieve the results you want. By using an initial assessment we can sit down and create a plan you love doing not just something you feel you have to do. 

All my sessions include:

  • An initial assessment to allow me to understand your experiences, your needs and wants to create an expectional plan that you actually love doing.
  • A session you will never forget, we will work through the plan together while I explain each area allowing you to learn as you workout. This way you can take the knowledge away to use on your own.
  • After session help: I will provide post stretches and in between workout ideas to help you recover and get the best results possible.
  • Daily check ins: if you use a pack of sessions I will use photos and measurements to help you see the change throughout working with me. I also use weekly Skype and email check ins to see how you’re getting on mentally too!


Due to working in a gym we ask that you sign up for the monthly membership fee (£25 or £20 for students). This is a no contract membership in one of sheffields top gyms’ that can be cancelled at any point. This therefore allows you access to the gym without feeling attached to PT training but still allows you to smash the online #TeamStrength workout plans in your own time.

1 session: £20*

2 sessions: £35*

3 sessions: £50*

4 sessions: £70*

I accept cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Email me at: for more info.

*not including the membership fee

Online coaching: #TeamStrength

Feeling a little afraid of stepping into fitness alone? No worries! I have created an online community of Team Strength. This is a Facebook group of indidivuals beginning together, it allows you to connect with others and feel more confident in the gym or with at home exercise. 

Online coaching includes:

  • 24/7 support from both me and a community of people beginning in fitness.
  • Weekly gym/home workout plans that are explained with videos and explainations to help you feel more confident.
  • Daily fitness competitions with prizes to keep you motivated.
  • Nutrition and fitness tips to help you change up your lifestyle.
  • Daily discussions and help on all new fitness crazes.
  • Opptunities to compete in fitness events (tough mudder, race for life, half marathons etc)
  • Weekly check ins via Skype or email to see how you’re improving.


Your 1st month is now just £10!!

After your 1st month the charge is £20 a month.

I accept cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Email me at: for more info

Packs: online and gym sessions

If you fancy connecting with a community of amazing people but also turning your gym sessions up to the max, why not try one of my ultimate packs? In this you get both the chance to put your gym work to the test with my amazing sessions while also being supported by Team Strength. In the ultimate packs you get all the benefits of both the gym sessions and #TeamStrength.


Online #TeamStrength access and 2 gym sessions: £40 for your first month (£45 a month after)*

Online #TeamStrength access and 4 gym sessions: £75 for your first month (£80 a month after)*

I accept cash, PayPal or bank transfer.

Email me at: for more info
*not including the gym membership fee.